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v0.0.1-beta.28 Release

· 2 min read

This is the next round in our beta testing on the way to a stable release

New features include

  • added an assembly manager
  • added a bugfix for refname mapping that caused slowness
  • updated colors tied to the theme
  • fixed side scrolling on OSX triggering the back button
  • created shorter share URLs
  • fixed for VCF track set
  • created a default title on views that corresponds to the assembly name being viewed if relevant
  • better autoinference on add track
  • slower update frequency for the header bar, allowing faster scroll
  • hide callbacks on irrelevant config slots
  • disable opening local URLs in the add track workflows currently
  • created a --indexFile flag for the add-track CLI for adding BAI, CRAI, TBI, CSI index, etc. if it isn't automatically inferred
  • created a --out flag for the add-track CLI
  • improve behavior when running the CLI outside of the config directory
  • add ability to use the admin-server and the normal localhost:3000 webpack-dev-server in parallel


To install, you can download the link above, or you can use the jbrowse CLI tool to automatically download the latest version. See the jbrowse 2 quick-start guide for more info