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JBrowseR Release

· One min read

We are excited to announce a new JBrowse 2 product: JBrowseR. JBrowseR builds on top of the React component that we recently released. Our React component inherits the general JBrowse 2 philosophy: it is fully customizable and pluggable, like the core product.

The React component makes it very straightforward to embed a Linear Genome View into a React app. However, this API can come with a steep learning curve for bioinformaticians who may not be very familiar with React. This is where JBrowseR comes in!

JBrowseR provides an R interface to the JBrowse 2 LGV React component. Using JBrowseR, you can:

  • Embed the JBrowse 2 genome browser in R Markdown documents and Shiny applications
  • Deploy a genome browser directly from the R console to view your data
  • Customize your genome browser to display your own data

With this functionality, you can deploy a first-class genome browser with your data in just a few lines of R code!

For more information on getting started, check out the following resources: