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v2.0.0 Release

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We are pleased to release v2.0.0! This is a major version milestone, but it does not have a huge number of changes. Instead, the major change that resulted in becoming v2.0.0 was the upgrade of many of our dependencies including

  • material-ui v4 -> v5
  • mobx-state-tree v3.14.1 -> v5
  • mobx-react v6 -> v7
  • mobx v5 -> v6

Therefore, to help users that may have been relying on library versions like this, it is safer to make the version a major bump. If you run into any issues with this upgrade, let us know and we can help

Some notable improvements:

  • This release improves bundle sizes for users of embedded components, by adding ESM builds to NPM. This can reduce the initial load of a webpage using e.g. @jbrowse/react-linear-genome-view by about 55% (1.4MB gzipped js->770kb gzipped js)


To install JBrowse 2 for the web, you can download the link above, or you can use the JBrowse CLI to automatically download the latest version. See the JBrowse web quick start for more details.

2.0.0 (2022-07-07)โ€‹

๐Ÿš€ Enhancementโ€‹

  • Other
    • #3001 Draw SNPs in modifications/methylation views (@cmdcolin)
    • #3068 Allow HTML in feature tooltips, remove react-simple-code-editor (@cmdcolin)
    • #3065 Allow changing between xyplot,line,density for linear wiggle tracks and other small fixes (@cmdcolin)
  • text-indexing
    • #3058 Improve bundle size and code splitting on embedded builds (v2) (@cmdcolin)
  • __mocks__, core, text-indexing
    • #2949 Upgrade to MUI v5, mobx-state-tree v5, mobx-react v6, mobx-react v7 (@cmdcolin)

๐Ÿ› Bug Fixโ€‹

  • Other
    • #3072 Fix the display of inversions for MCScan alignments (@cmdcolin)
    • #3074 Fix the display of deletions vs insertions being backwards in synteny view with CIGAR strings (@cmdcolin)
    • #3057 Fix export SVG crash on some BigWig tracks (@cmdcolin)
    • #3052 Fix negative value quantitative display in svg exports (@cmdcolin)
  • core
    • #3064 Fix opening link in new tab by default in feature details (@cmdcolin)
    • #3053 Avoid displaying [object Object] on deeply nested data in base feature details (@cmdcolin)

๐Ÿ  Internalโ€‹

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