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v2.4.0 Release

· 2 min read

Hello all! We are excited to announce the new features in this release. Here are some highlights

More theme options and dark mode

The jbrowse web and jbrowse desktop apps now have multiple themes that a user can pick between.

Extra themes can be defined via plugins or via your config file.

See the theme docs for more info and let us know if you have any requests

SVG export of more view types

Dotplot, circular, and linear synteny views have added an SVG export option. The SVG exports can incorporate the current theme, or use a default.

See the release notes for more!


To install JBrowse 2 for the web, you can download the link above, or you can use the JBrowse CLI to automatically download the latest version. See the JBrowse web quick start for more details.

2.4.0 (2023-02-24)

🚀 Enhancement

  • Other
  • core
    • #3513 Add ability to open refNameAliases+cytobands in "Open sequence" start screen on desktop (@cmdcolin)
    • #3512 SVG export of linear synteny view, dotplot, and circular views (@cmdcolin)
    • #3467 Create dark theme and allow user to toggle different themes from preferences dialog (@cmdcolin)

🐛 Bug Fix

📝 Documentation

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