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v2.6.2 Release

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This is a small bugfix release. We removed source maps to avoid some typescript warnings for consumers of our NPM packages. This means our "src" is no longer published to NPM.

We also fixed the "Stranded sequencing" coloring option on alignments tracks, which is especially useful for stranded paired-end RNA-seq and renamed the option to "Color by->First of pair strand", which corresponds to the terminology of IGV.

Figure showing stranded paired-end RNA-seq data with a positive and negative strand gene in view


To install JBrowse 2 for the web, you can download the link above, or you can use the JBrowse CLI to automatically download the latest version. See the JBrowse web quick start for more details.

yarn run v1.22.18 $ lerna-changelog 2.6.2

๐Ÿš€ Enhancementโ€‹

๐Ÿ› Bug Fixโ€‹

  • Other
    • #3798 Fix VCF feature starting at 1-based 1 (@cmdcolin)
    • #3775 Fix stranded RNA-seq rendering and rename option Color by -> "First-of-pair strand" (@cmdcolin)
    • #3758 Adds safety checks on AlignmentsDisplay properties to avoid undefined rendering (@carolinebridge-oicr)
    • #3770 Fix potential issue with display searchFeatureByID being undefined (@cmdcolin)
  • core
  • app-core, core, embedded-core, product-core, text-indexing, web-core
    • #3771 Use inlineSourceMaps for tsc builds and other misc changes (@cmdcolin)

๐Ÿ  Internalโ€‹

Committers: 3โ€‹