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Creating a custom display type

Display types tell JBrowse how to "display" a given track in a particular view. A track might "display" itself completely different depending on whether it is in a dotplot or in a linear genome view. The "display" types may not actually do the drawing of the track data: that is often done by the renderer. The display will call the renderer though.

Here are some reasons you might want a custom display type:

  • Drawing custom things over the rendered content (e.g. drawing the Y-scale bar in the wiggle track)
  • Implementing custom track menu items (e.g. Show soft clipping in the alignments track)
  • Adding custom widgets (e.g. custom VariantFeatureWidget in variant track)
  • You want to bundle your renderer and adapter as a specific thing that is automatically initialized rather than the BasicTrack (which combines any adapter and renderer)