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Creating a custom track type

Important note: track types are "high level concepts", and don't do a lot of logic: instead "display" types register themselves to a track type, to display data in a particular view. Then, the renderers are called by the display type on e.g. a per-block basis

Examples of track types

For examples of custom track types, refer to things like:

  • HicTrack - uses the LinearHicDisplay which calls the HicRenderer to draw contact matrix
  • VariantTrack uses the ChordVariantDisplay and LinearVariantDisplay to draw itself differently in the CircularView and LinearGenomeView respectively. display type that allows a VCF to render "chords" in the CircularView. In the LinearGenomeView, the LinearVariantDisplay is quite similar to a normal feature track, but also has a custom feature details widget because it overrides the "selectFeature" behavior.
  • SyntenyTrack - synteny tracks can be displayed in multiple view types like DotplotView and LinearSyntenyView. It uses the DotplotDisplay or LinearSyntenyDisplay respectively to achieve this