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v2.1.0 Release

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We are pleased to present 2.1.0! This release adds some significant new features including:

  • Multi-wiggle tracks - This allows, for example, multiple bigwig files to be displayed in a single track with synchronized scalebar settings. See multi-wiggle docs for more info.
  • Undo and redo functionality, let's you undo an operation in the UI e.g. closing a view, closing a track can be recovered
  • An alert when the dotplot view renders features that go beyond the bounds of the selected region. This is often an indication that the wrong assembly is being used or the query and target are backwards

Example links for multi-bigwig sessions

Multi-row plot showing 21 ENCODE bigWig tracks

Overlapping "xyplot" rendering multiwiggle rendering mode with "emphasised" points showing tumor vs normal coverage

Dotplot view showing warnings from rendering dotplot, generally due to the wrong assemblies being compared. Screenshot also shows the dropdown menu to choose whether mouse click-and-drag pans the view or selects a region

Undo and redo buttons in the Tools menu, also accessible from keyboard shortcuts ctrl+z/ctrl+y and cmd+z/cmd+shift+z. The Undo/Redo function is available in jbrowse-web and jbrowse-desktop currently


To install JBrowse 2 for the web, you can download the link above, or you can use the JBrowse CLI to automatically download the latest version. See the JBrowse web quick start for more details.

2.1.0 (2022-07-28)โ€‹

๐Ÿš€ Enhancementโ€‹

  • core
    • #3111 Create undo manager in jbrowse-web and jbrowse-desktop (@cmdcolin)
    • #3115 Add warning when dotplot renders outside of it's boundaries, and create click-and-drag panning of dotplot view (@cmdcolin)
    • #3102 Allow creating alternative "add track workflows" from within the "Add track" widget (@cmdcolin)
    • #3043 Create MultiWiggle track type, adapter, and renderers (@cmdcolin)
  • Other
    • #3113 Improve SVG performance by avoiding re-render when feature is clicked (@cmdcolin)
    • #3110 Remove TSDX from plugin development tools (@garrettjstevens)
    • #3106 Add "emphasis" mode for no fill/scatterplot mode in XYPlot type renderings (@cmdcolin)

๐Ÿ› Bug Fixโ€‹

  • Other
    • #3109 Better support for developing plugins from within yarn 2+ workspaces (include __virtual folder in build) (@garrettjstevens)
  • core

๐Ÿ“ Documentationโ€‹

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